Allen Security Guards

If you are looking for a Security Guards Company in Allen, TX to patrol and secure your business or property, Stratton Security Services in Allen is the company you need to partner with. We at Stratton Security Service, we dedicate our passion to providing you with licensed and trained officers and law enforcement individuals with years of military experience. Our employees have all been certified by The State of Texas. Whether you are in need of security guards in Allen for your company, community, or individual basis, our company is always there to assist you. We will work diligently to assure that you will receive the best security service that is available. We provide a wide range of security service such as unarmed security guards, armed security officers, personal protection, patrol service, and much more.

We provide different types of Security Guards in Allen, TX:

Unarmed Security Guards in Allen, TX: These security guards do not carry weapons, but they act as a presence and observers. They monitor the area and report to the authority if there are any suspicious activities.

Armed Security Officers in Allen, TX: These officers have extra training in handling weapon and dealing with any stressful event in the proper way. They are often used in highly dangerous and stressful areas that require monitoring.

Mobile Patrol Monitoring in Allen, TX: Each mobile vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking and tracing. That way, we make sure our officers at your location are actively monitoring your establishment.

Schedule Your Security Assessment Today: Before we implement our security guards to monitor your parameter, we will provide an initial assessment. The goal is to analyze your existing security monitoring and see what we can do to improve upon it. If there are any flaws in security, we want to address it immediately to prevent future unwanted events. Throughout assessment, we would be able to provide a customized plan and indicate where we would use the security guards for maximal protection.

Our Security Guard Services in Allen, TX:

Stratton Security Services in Allen, TX will be with you through the whole process. We will provide an initial consultation that includes an assessment to see what plans and services will fit your company. After that, we will handpick our best security officers to secure your establishments. Our officers are licensed and have gone through years of training in the military and law enforcement field. They go through an extensive background check, and once they are accepted, we would make them go through additional training. The additional training involves hospitality and concierge services, that way you will get the best working for you.

Our security guards company in Allen, TX has been growing for many years because of our highly qualified team and prestigious customer service. We take pride that all our customers can feel safe and secure with us.

Our Security Officers are experienced in a variety of security areas such as:

  • Understanding the importance and role of a private security officer
  • The legality of the security officer
  • Foster good relationship with clients
  • Professionalism and Appearance
  • Excellent communication skills in person and phone
  • Following the proper protocol and command
  • Following the code of conduct
  • Understanding the State laws
  • Know when is the appropriate situation to use force and understanding the Criminal and Civil Liability
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Texas Department of Public Safety and Private Security Bureau

If you want that peace of mind, then give us a call for your initial consultation. Stratton Security Officers Company in Allen, TX provides armed and unarmed security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at (866) 489-9919‬ to schedule your FREE Security Assessment.