The Importance of a Highly Trained Security Guard

The Importance of a Highly Trained Security Guard Many people today hire security services to protect their residential properties, commercial businesses, as well as public and private events.  In today’s world, security and safety are top priorities for people everywhere. Whether at work, the mall, an apartment complex, a hotel, or a concert, putting people’s minds at [...]

The Duties of a Professional Security Guard

What All Does a Security Guard Do? When individuals or businesses decide to hire private, professional security guards, they are making the choice to protect their businesses, employees, and/or guests.  Stratton Security offers licensed, insured, highly trained security officers to protect your residential, commercial, public or private event. Our officers go through extensive security training as [...]

When Should You Hire Security Services?

Hiring security services for your business or private event not only provides safety and professionalism, it shows you care.  Having peace of mind that your special event will go as planned without a ruckus because you had the forethought to hire security is priceless.  Or, knowing that the security detail you brought in to guard [...]

Why your Apartment Complex should Employ Onsite Security Guards

Why Apartment Complexes Should Hire Security When choosing which apartment complex to rent from, future residents will investigate everything from location, amount of amenities, and affordability. But, one thing that highly influences a potential residents decision to choose (or not choose) your community, is the level of safety. Having hired professional apartment security guards from Stratton Security [...]

Keeping Your Customers at Ease with Hired Security

Keeping Customers at Ease With Hired Security Your business is your pride and joy, your bread and butter. We know the amount of time, money, and sacrifice it takes to successfully run a business. And your customers are your lifeline. That’s why protecting them should never be a question. Unfortunately, business owners run the risk [...]

Why hire security officers for your special events

The Benefits of Hiring Security Guards for Private Events When you’ve got a big event coming up, the list of tasks can seem overwhelming. From managing the catering to picking the best music, there’s oftentimes one important thing that’s overlooked: hiring a private security guard. We’ve heard it before from clients… “I had an event last year [...]

Security for Apartments Increases Tenant Occupancy

Reasons to Have Security for Your Apartment Complex Property Apartment complexes have a stereotype of being places where there is opportunity for criminal activity. Between hidden corners or secret areas and large parking lots that may have spots that are not lit as well, tenants can sometimes feel uneasy when they are not inside their [...]

Keep Your Customers Safe with Security Guards

Hired Security & Customer Comfort Wherever a customer goes, they want to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. This is what puts them at ease to enjoy doing business with you, and keeps them coming back. Many businesses utilize security guard services to help keep their customers feeling relaxed and safe as they frequent your business. One of [...]

Why Hiring Security is Beneficial For Your Event

Why Hiring Security Is Important: When you are planning a big event, it is paramount to reduce stress any way that you can. You simply have so many things to worry about, from the guest list to the all of the finer details that will make the event special. For this reason, many event organizers [...]