Fort Worth Security Guards

Every client has different security requirements; it all depends on the location, industry, and surroundings. Whatever situation it is, Stratton Security Services in Fort Worth, TX can provide you with uniformed security guards to monitor your parameter. Depending on your settings and circumstances, we can provide armed or unarmed security officers in Forth Worth, TX to meet your security requirements. Our security guards are licensed and insured to provide any security services you might need. They have extensive backgrounds in military forces and law enforcement along with rigorous training to give you the best possible security.

Our Security Guard Services in Fort Worth, TX:

Regardless of their specialties, Stratton Security Services have officers that are experts on a wide variety of security-related topics in both the field and classroom. They have gone through extensive pre-employment screening which includes a thorough interview process, background check, criminal history check, drug profile, and much more. After obtaining acceptance, our officers will go through additional training in hospitality and concierge to better serve our clients.

Our Security Officers are experienced in a variety of security areas such as:

  • Understanding the importance and role of a private security officer
  • The legality of the security officer
  • Foster good relationship with clients
  • Professionalism and Appearance
  • Excellent communication skills in person and phone
  • Following the proper protocol and command
  • Following the code of conduct
  • Understanding the State laws
  • Know when is the appropriate situation to use force and understanding the Criminal and Civil Liability
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Texas Department of Public Safety and Private Security Bureau

Initial Security Assessment: If you are ready for maximum security, do not hesitate to give us a call to start your initial assessment. We will get to know your company and previous security protocols. The goal is to help you identify any potential flaws in your existing security and to see what we can do to fix it if they are any. We will also create a customized plan to strengthen your security plan. That way, it will deter criminals from breaking in and harassing your employees and customers. We can help you determine which type of security guards in Fort Worth, TX will be efficient in your case. Every situation is different; some will require unarmed security guard, while others will require armed security officers with extensive training in handling weapons. It all depends on the client’s requirements; we have all types of security services in Fort Worth for every need.

You worked hard to grow your business, and the last thing you want is an intruder breaking in and stealing or harassing your employees or customers. You will need to partner with a security company in Fort Worth, TX to be working with you in keeping everyone safe. With Stratton Security Service in Fort Worth, TX will give you a thorough initial consultation to implement a customized plan to secure your business, building, or establishment. At our company we always hire experienced and licensed officers for the job. We will be with you during the beginning to the end of the process, and if you have any questions, feel free to call us anytime.

Stratton Security Officers Company in McKinney, TX provides armed and unarmed security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at (866) 489-9919‬ to schedule your FREE Security Assessment.