Frisco Security Guards

Our Security Guards are the reason why Stratton Security Service has grown to be Frisco’s best security provider. Our officers have served a wide range of clients and industries. Our security guards in Frisco, TX represent our clients in a very professional way. They make sure that our clients feel welcomed and confidant that they have chosen the right security guards company in Frisco, TX. Our security officers have a variety of experience and training both in the classroom and on the field.

Our Security Officers are experienced in a variety of security areas such as:

  • Understanding the importance and role of a private security officer
  • The legality of the security officer
  • Foster good relationship with clients
  • Professionalism and Appearance
  • Excellent communication skills in person and phone
  • Following the proper protocol and command
  • Following the code of conduct
  • Understanding the State laws
  • Know when is the appropriate situation to use force and understanding the Criminal and Civil Liability
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Texas Department of Public Safety and Private Security Bureau

Our uniformed officers in Frisco, TX have been through additional training with customer relations in order to better serve you. They have been through a stringent background check, additional security courses, and education. There are times that clients will require officers to be equipped with training to deal with hostile crowds and other restraining techniques. Whatever the instant calls for, we have a wide array of team members that are ready to response.

Here are some of the services that we proudly offer:

Unarmed Security Guards in Frisco, TX: If you require unarmed officers for any security services, we have them on board to serve you.

Armed Security Officers in Frisco, TX: If you need armed security guards, our officers have gone through extensive training in handling armed weapons to help fight off the most aggressive criminals.

Mobile Patrol Cars in Frisco, TX: Our officers and their vehicles are equipped with a GPS system to secure and patrol your establishment:

Uniformed Security Officers in Frisco, TX: It has been shown that the presence of strong security instills a sense of professionalism, confidence, and safety within the company. Our uniformed Officers can deter criminal activities and provide a safe environment for your workers and customers.

We know how important security is for business. We have gone through many years of experience serving clients with different security requirements. At Stratton Security Services in Frisco, TX we are continually learning new ways to outsmart criminals and to reduce the crime rate. Our officers are always learning new techniques and strategies to serve our clients better. We go above and beyond to give you the red carpet experience. We are still at the forefront of new technology and innovations to be one step ahead of everyone. With us, you will never be behind. If you are interested, feel free to give us a call for an initial consultation to discuss a customized security plan for your establishment.

Our Security Guard Services in Frisco, TX:

Stratton Security Officers Company in Frisco, TX provides armed and unarmed security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at (866) 489-9919‬ to schedule your FREE Security Assessment.