Off-Duty Police Officers

At Dallas Security Company, we provide you with the highest level of private security services. We are the leading firm in the provision of off-duty police officers in Dallas, TX. With our personnel, you have a limitless connection to federal and state law enforcement officers which can make a huge impact when responding to security issues facing you.

We among the most sought-after security guard companies in Dallas Texas owing to our broad array of services from VIP protection, transportation of precious commodities to mobile patrol. We recruit from the best and conduct continuous training which is why we have continued to hold our position among the most professional security companies in Dallas Texas.

Your unarmed security guard requires armed back up to prevent things going beyond control in your residence or place of work. Dallas security companies have in-house consultants who are specialists in loss prevention and personal safety. We understand that your staff and property are the most valuable assets in your company and thus require protection from professional security guard services.

Serving a diverse array of industries. Also when you come to us, you get all the necessary services under one roof as we tend to offer our services to a long string of industries hence no one is left out. Some of the industries that benefit from our incredible security services in Dallas include:

We understand the dynamic nature of security services in Dallas and have invested in state of the art equipment to ensure the efficiency of each security officer, Dallas Tx. Security guards Dallas embrace the use of technology in crime forecasting, curbing, and prevention. We are the leading security company in Dallas in the use of smart technology on our sites. Our client satisfaction is evident by the high number of clients we continue to serve over an extended period.

Security Company Dallas TX provides quality protection services by integrating police training in our operations to give our clients peace of mind to help them go about their duties while we take care of their assets and personal security. Give us a call today and welcome a solution to your security challenges.

Stratton Security Company in Dallas, TX provides armed and unarmed security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at (866) 489-9919‬ to schedule your FREE Security Assessment.