The Importance of a Highly Trained Security Guard

The Importance of a Highly Trained Security Guard

Many people today hire security services to protect their residential properties, commercial businesses, as well as public and private events.  In today’s world, security and safety are top priorities for people everywhere. Whether at work, the mall, an apartment complex, a hotel, or a concert, putting people’s minds at ease with security officers on site is priceless.  The importance of having highly trained security guards can not be overstated. A security guard that is ill-prepared or lax on the job is a detriment to the client and the safety of the public.

Stratton Security, the top security company in Dallas, is dedicated to recruiting the best and brightest security officers from an elite pool of licensed and experienced professionals.  Our security guards are not only put through rigorous security training but also hospitality and concierge training that adds a touch of class to every service provided to the client. But most importantly, our security guards provide high-level security with every job, so that the client, customers, employees and patrons feel safe and secure.

Security guards are instrumental in retail businesses by deterring criminals from theft of merchandise.  Security guards for hire work with undercover detectives to prevent theft by customers or employees. They are capable of detaining shoplifters until the police arrive.  They can patrol parking lots to maintain safety and monitor cameras for illegal activity.

Office buildings, banks, hospitals and hotels need security officers to help control the main entrance of the building, monitor foot traffic, as well as check customer’s and employee’s IDs.  With a security guard visible and present, it offers safety and comfort to customers and employees alike. It also is a deterrent to criminals who may have bad intentions.

Buildings with highly sensitive information such as factories or government buildings benefit from highly trained security officers to protect secret information and products.  They are available to check cars, IDs, and monitor people who come and go in building.

Universities, parks and stadiums draw large crowds of people and are vulnerable to nefarious individuals that mean harm.  Dallas security services are trained to spot danger and suspicious activity. Highly trained security can handle crowd control, supervise parking, seating and direct traffic.  Most importantly, the trained eye of a security guard will be on the lookout for any dubious person or persons.

As the leading private security company in Texas, Stratton Security offers 5-star service with the most qualified security guards the industry has to offer.  Hiring a security company with the highest level security guards not only deters criminals, but also makes your customers, employees and facilities feel safer and more secure.