Hiring security services for your business or private event not only provides safety and professionalism, it shows you care.  Having peace of mind that your special event will go as planned without a ruckus because you had the forethought to hire security is priceless.  Or, knowing that the security detail you brought in to guard your small business saves you time and money by deterring criminal theft and activity. Let’s looks at some instances in which hiring a private security company in Dallas can benefit you or your business.

Private Event Security

Security officers present at private events offer safety and security to the host and the guests.  They can help manage the door, to monitor the guest list and make sure only invited guests enter the event.  They can handle crowd control, to deter any rowdy guests from getting out of hand. Security services at private events deter crime with their presence and protect everyone in attendance so that you can feel at ease with your guests.  At the end of the event, the security guard can escort guests back to their vehicles.

Handle Building Traffic

Businesses that have a lot of customers and visitors will benefit from having a security guard on the premises to help handle the commotion of the office building.  Officers can monitor foot traffic by checking IDs and handing out badges. They can check people in and out as they come and go. The presence of a security guard will put the customers and employees at ease, creating a safer working environment.  This presence also is a deterrent for criminals. Hiring a Dallas security patrol company to safeguard your business will show your customers, patrons and employees that you care about their safety and protection.

Parking Lot Safety

Parking lot safety is important in many types of businesses.  Retail, hotel, hospital, apartment complex parking lots all are attractive to criminals, especially in the night hours.  Having a security guard to escort employees or customers to their cars at night gives them comfort and safety at a time when vandals and thieves are out to pounce.  Guests of hotels and hospitals will be grateful for the security that an officer provides when they are coming to or from the parking lot. Security guards can monitor security cameras and patrol the parking lots as well to make their presence known and deter crime.

Retail Theft

Retail businesses lose millions of dollars every year due to shoplifting and employee theft.  Having a security guard on duty during business hours will not only deter shoplifters and those with criminal intent, but also keep employees in line.  These crime rates drop significantly with the presence of a security guard. They can also monitor security cameras to stop theft as it’s happening.

These are only some of the many instances when a security guard can be an asset to a business or event.  Security guards provide peace of mind so that you can get back to running your business or enjoying your private event.  Stratton Security has built a reputation as the leading private security company in Texas, with vast experience in security and customer service.  We hire only the most professional, qualified security officers, who go through extensive security training, as well as hospitality and concierge training.  We can accomodate your needs, no matter how big or small.