Why Choose Us

When it comes to finding a security company in Dallas, TX that will protect your property and business, you know that you deserve the best. You want to partner with a private security company that has years of experience and licensed professionals working around the clock. With Stratton Security Company, we guarantee you an excellent customer service and hospitality. Our certified officers are not only trained in the fields, but they also have extra hospitality training for optimal customer relations.

Stratton Security Service ensures that all of their highly trained officers go through a background check including fingerprints with Texas and other nationwide criminal records. All our officers have been through rigorous screening and training courses to obtain a wide variety of expertise along with a commissioned program that is approved by the state. In addition to these courses, officers will also go through hospitality and concierge training to ensure that they provide the best customer service for our clients.

Unlike other security companies that specialize in one area, we have a full range of services to pick from. We also provide many types of security services:

Uniformed Security Officers: If you require a professional security officer to monitor your business, we do have highly trained and licensed uniformed officers that can provide you with full security in your organization.

Armed Security Officers: We also have specially trained armed security officers that can watch over your business. These individuals have complete additional hours of training that involves a specialization in firearms handling and safety.

Unarmed Security Officers: If the place that requires security does not allow arm forces, we still have professional officers that can handle any situations without weapons. They are highly trained and have years of expertise in maneuvering through the toughest cases with their bare hands.

Off-Duty Police Officers: We provide the best off-duty police officers for your business. These officers can give you a powerful crime deterrent presence combined with unparalleled training and professionalism that can offer you a peace of mind. You will not have to spend time and money to hire an extra employee to secure your parameters. With our services, we will provide the best to ensure that your customers and workers are safe and secure.

Executive Protection Services: There could be a lot of security problems like terrorist attacks, harassment, fights, and other issues that can go on in the corporate office. Our protective services will thoroughly assess your current security system and check what we can do and make recommendation on how to make it safer.

Patrol Services: We can provide uniformed patrol officers to enhance your employee safety experience and reduce the risk of threats and vandalism in your property. Our officers can help reduce crime and deter any potential criminals from coming towards your property.

Security Guards: Our security guards will prevent any sort of break-ins and handle unsafe situation properly. With us, we will keep any threat away from your premises. We will monitor and patrol the parameter until we are hundred percent sure that your place is safe and secured.

There are many types of security service companies to choose from, but you only need a high-quality prestigious service that can take care of everything. With Stratton Security, we will provide you with licensed and uniformed officers to protect your settings. These individuals have background expertise in law-enforcement, military, and officers. They also have extra concierge training to provide excellent hospitality experience for our clients. We can provide you with various services to choose from, so you will never have to feel like you are limited. We can also set up an initial assessment and consultation to provide you with customized services that can fit your needs. With years and decades of experience and excellent customer service in the Dallas area is why you should choose Stratton Security to help protect your property and business.

Stratton Security Company in Dallas, TX provides armed and unarmed security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at (866) 489-9919‬ to schedule your FREE Security Assessment.