Why your Apartment Complex should Employ Onsite Security Guards

Why Apartment Complexes Should Hire Security

When choosing which apartment complex to rent from, future residents will investigate everything from location, amount of amenities, and affordability. But, one thing that highly influences a potential residents decision to choose (or not choose) your community, is the level of safety. Having hired professional apartment security guards from Stratton Security on site could be the difference in having a vibrant full capacity community or having a permanent “for rent” sign on every door.

Private Security is an Important Amenity

While everyone deserves to feel safe in their home, the added benefit of a private professional security guard on the premises is an amenity many tenants won’t rent without. In fact, properties that hire an onsite security guard are able to charge a higher rent for the added layer of security.

Increase Tenant Occupancy

As the amount of apartment complexes that employ private security guards increases, the amount of renters who are okay without it decreases. It is common for potential residents to not even consider communities that do not offer the level of security they desire. While your tenants are grateful for the level of safety for their homes and cars, they’ll also be more inclined to renew their lease with you.

Attract Quality Residents

With security guards present at your community, it gives your reputation an immediate boost. Your property will attract quality residents who are less likely to pose a threat. In turn, you’ll have quality residents who make paying rent on time, being a respectful neighbor, and taking care of your property grounds an important priority to them.

Protect Your Business with Stratton Security

In addition to protecting your resident’s property, Security Guards from Stratton Security will also take every action possible to protect the business property as well. That means monitoring the office for suspicious behavior, and ensuring that residents follow community guidelines in the common areas. Our trained professionals are here to help you protect your greatest assets. Call us today to learn more about how we can help secure your apartment community.